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Tony Mottola – Tony and Strings

20 Mar

I can imagine there are quite a few who are thinking “Why’s he releasing yet another Tony Mottola album?”

Well the simple answer should be”Well it’s Quad”, but actually here in the UK we are suffering from the left overs of the snow storm that hit the USA, and it’s raining, AGAIN!

I was playing this album and thought “why should i keep this to myself, it so fit’s the mood of the day”. So here it is, something on the gentle side for those certain occasions………

Release: DS99d

Source: EV-4 LP

Process: ‘Dryad’




The Best Of Tony Mottola

3 Feb


This album collects tracks from Tony’s pre-quad albums that were specially remixed for this release.

One point i must make is with regards the first track. The guitar is mixed low in relationship to the rest of the instruments. In fact it sounds like the effects track alone, without the main guitar track being switched in. Possibly a rush job and somehow went un-missed?

Release: DS69d

Source: EV-4 LP

Process: ‘Dryad’


Tony Mottola – My Favorite Things

14 May

Release: DS169f

Source: SQ encoded LP

Process: SQ*Final

Format: DVD-A/V

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