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The Firesign Theatre – I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus

15 Nov


This final decode shows that the mixers ignored the recomendations regarding where not to place sounds when mixing for SQ. They appear everywhere including the big no-no, centre rear, which is as rock solid as the centre front sounds.


Reissue: (D) New Decode

Release: DS25p

Source: SQ LP

Process: ‘Phoenix’



The Firesign Theatre – Everything You Know Is Wrong

9 May

The Firesign Theatre - Everything You Know Is Wrong CB046 frontLink

Welcome Seekers…… everything you know is wrong! What can I say to entice you to give this a spin? How about real gas music from Jupiter. Or characters such as daredemon Reebus Cannibis, Gary the Seeker, “Happy” Harry Cox or Nino Savatte the Mindboggler. At last the hole truth! Interestingly the LP cover crops the flying saucer on the right while the Q8 label is uncropped. The saucer appears to be escaping its two dimensional domain. You may too. Beware repeated playing may cause unpredictable long term side effects. I would like to leave you with this closing thought. “You know a cave just really is a hole on its side Ray.” Enjoy CB.


Release: CB046

Source: Q8


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