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13 Jan


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Reissue: (D) New decode

Release: DS165p

Source: SQ CD

Process: ‘Phoenix’



An Historical Review

27 Nov

As the blog approaches yet another centenary, I find myself looking back over not only the last hundred releases but the blogs output in general.

Recently I was asked by a couple of people if there was a listing of all of the releases as trawling through the either bog can be rather tedious. A list was started back around the time of the 300th release, but for a variety of reasons was never completed.

After much deliberation I feel that there does need to be a listing of both blogs output. After all, who can remember every title put out? I realised I certainly can’t. Add to that, something reminded me of a conversation I had quite some time ago (about the time of the birth of ‘Phoenix’) with Owen regarding whether my work was written down.

Actually, now as then, nothing is written down, I work from memory. Quite possibly not the best idea, but it’s the way I’ve always worked, but recently It’s become obvious the old memory isn’t as good as it once was, so perhaps it was time to finally give in and put to virtual paper how the ‘Mythical’ process’s work.

Well, that was the theory.

What actually happened was the first chapter (well four pages) on the basic theory of how, and why, there is actually only one way to decode SQ, by showing the decode equation (which I believe has never been made available anywhere before) along with a mathematical breakdown of how/why it works.

That was written a week ago. There’s nothing included with regards to any decoding process, just the raw technical information needed to allow an accurate method of decoding SQ to be based upon.

Although only a first draft, I realised that it was the start of a possible small E-Book on the basic needs of how these antique matrix systems need to be approached for decoding. It’s going to be a long-term project, if and when it gets completed, and will contain some of the work into how and why hardware and software decoding has to be approached slightly differently.

Back to the list of titles released, once started it became obvious there are holes where titles have been withdrawn for a variety of, long forgotten, reasons and for the sake of completeness, need filling with active releases.

So from now any new releases will be used to fill these holes until the blogs output is ‘complete’, so the 600th release will be a little way off.

To end I’d like to thank those (both in the past and present) for their much-needed support in respect of keeping the blogs viable. The (D) reissues will continue until every title is of the best decode possible.


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