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Walter Wegmuller and The Cosmic Couriers – Tarot

23 Feb


This, almost one and a half hour long, double LP album was released in 1972 and is quite possibly high on the ‘wants’ lists for those who are interested in Krautrock, Klaus Schulze or Manuel Gottsching.

In its original release format it’s quite rare, as is the 2 x CD release released in 2016.


Release: DS76p

Source: 2 x SQ CD

Process: ‘Phoenix’


The Cosmic Jokers – The Cosmic Jokers

14 Jul

The Cosmic Jokers - The Cosmic Jokers DS503p front

Another of those European quad albums that were mixed for effect and feel, although it has its moments where your left with no doubt it’s a true quad mix. I suspect the effect would be greatly minimised if decoded by any other means.

The Cosmic Jokers are: Dieter Dierks, Jurgen Dollase, Manuel Gottsching, Harald Grobkopt & Klaus Schulze


Release: DS503p

Source: SQ CD

Process: ‘Phoenix’


Sergius Golowin – Lord Krishna von Goloka

11 Nov

Sergius Golowin - Lord Krishna von Goloka DS311f sm

In 1973, Sergius Golowin teamed up with Klaus Schulze, Bernd Witthüser, Walter Westrupp, Jörg Mierke, Jürgen Dollase and Jerry Berkers (the latter two of Wallenstein) to record the album “Lord Krishna von Goloka”. This very experimental album featured chantings by Golowin over improvised electronic instrumentation and acoustic guitar, and is considered by many to be a classic example of cosmic krautrock.

Release: DS311f

Source: SQ CD

Process: SQ/II


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