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George Blackmore – Live

17 Dec


It’s hard to believe that after almost 600 releases, this is the first album i’ve released of music played on a cinema/theatre organ. very much a sound of days gone by, but what a sound!

I have fond memories of going to the saturday morning cinema club, watching old cliff-hangers like ‘Flash Gordon’, ‘Buck Rogers’ and so many westerns, and at the beginning and end of the show we sang the club song, with the cinema’s organ being played by the local church organist.

Ah, the 60’s, such a magical time……

Of small interest, this was Doric’s first quadraphonic release, which is in SQ. I suspect this was used because it was the system used by the radio broadcaster who sourced the material for this release, as all quad releases afterwards were in QS.

Release: DS13p

Source: SQ LP

Process: ‘Phoenix’


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