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Frank Lowe – Black Beings

27 Oct

Frank Lowe - Black Beings DS531u front

Recorded in 1973, Frank Lowe (tenor saxophone) pulled in Joseph Jarman (soprano and alto saxophones) and William Parker (bass) to fly into the eye of free jazz. Lowe was into the music after John Coltrane’s album ‘Ascension’, and the influence and impact can be felt right through. Lowe went out on a musical limb here; the genre was not a long-term residence for him.

Black Beings serves as an historical document and stopping-off point in the musical legacy of Lowe, showing a rare side of the musician.

This is another DY encoded album from the ESP label and in its original album length version, and not the recently discovered ‘extended’ version. Obviously the fact that they discovered the uncut version in the vaults doesn’t mean that it was quad, but the thing about the ‘remastered’ release is that it is compressed and has suffered from obvious eq-tweaking to make it sound ‘clearer’. And it’s the heavy-handed eq-ing that can permanently damage the encoding, hence the use of the original length version.

Recorded live March 1973

Release: DS531u

Source: DY CD

Process: ‘Unicorn’


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