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The Sound Of Stereo Today

11 Apr

The Sounds of Stereo Today CB016

I wish to offer a sampler Q8 from RCA titled strangely enough ‘The Sound of Stereo Today’ or ‘The Sounds of Stereo Today’. It seems comparing front and back covers there is some confusion. Referring to a 4 channel tape as stereo RCA appears uncertain what it is. Fish or foul. That’s OK as it is 1971 again and hearing the theme from ‘Mission Impossible’ in quad is worth the price of admission. Everything else is icing. Your mileage may vary. Enjoy  CB

Release: CB016

Source: Q8



The Famley Guitar Band – Smoke On The Water

18 Feb

The Famley Guitar Band - Smoke On The Waterfront CB012 frontLink

This is the 4th in a series of ‘The Famley Guitar Band’ releases here on the Dreaming-Spires Quadraphonic Archive II. This time ‘Smoke On The Water’ sourced from a Q4. With only eight songs and clocking in at 31:56 you get the impression that the band came in put it down and left. Just like that. I really enjoy these tracks in quad and wish to thank our host OD for allowing me to offer these tidbits to you folks. Just watching the smoke from the sandalwood curl up in the air and make shadow designs on the wall.  Enjoy.   CB

Release: CB012

Source: Q4


Carly Simon – Carly Simon

7 Feb

Carly Simon - Carly Simon CB002 frontLink

Offered for your listening pleasure we have another singer-songwriter from the 70’s, Carly Simon. Her debut album that you find here was sourced from a sealed Q8 supplied by lupineassassin.. This title can also be found in quad on Q4 and CD-4 formats. She had several more titles released in quad including probably her most famous ‘No Secrets’. Enjoy.  CB

Release: CB002

Source: Q8


Jim Croce – Photographs & Memories, His Greatest Hits

2 Feb


What can be said about Jim Croce other than he is without question the definition of what a singer/songwriter is considered to be. His stories seem timeless yet from their era all in the same motion. I can tell you that all artifacts encountered were well enjoyed with pristine examples being elusive and difficult to locate. This speaks to his universal appeal and enduring popularity. Presented here are fourteen tracks that OD and the Captain hope you enjoy.     CB

Release: CB013

Source: QS LP

Process: QS/IIa


Richard Rogers – Victory At Sea Vol.1

17 Dec

Victory At Sea - Rodgers - Bennett CB010 front

Victory At Sea Vol. 1 was the only volume of three that made it to quadraphonic release and only in the Q8 cartridge format. The score was a favorite of US President Richard Nixon, and part was played at his funeral. Enjoy.    CB

Release: CB010

Source: Q8


Harry Nilsson & John Lennon – Pussy Cats

9 Dec

Nilsson - Pussy Cats CB009 front

#9 #9 #9…     Here is an offering by Harry Nilsson & John Lennon produced during the ‘Lost Weekend’ sourced from a freshly unsealed Q8. As Sammy Davis would say Mucho Mungo Man. Enjoy.  CB

Release: CB009

Source: Q8


John Denver – Poems, Prayers & Promises

7 Dec

John Denver - Poems, Prayers and Promises CB008 frontFeebie with LINK

This 4th album from John Denver is considered to be his ‘breakout album’  and contains his signature song “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. It was only offered quadraphonicly on the Q8 cartridge. West Virginia here we come. Enjoy.    CB

Release: CB008

Source: Q8


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