Quad in Spain & South America

There’s a couple of area’s in the world that still remains something of a mystery when it comes to quadraphonic releases. The biggest area is countries in South America. There were obviously many labels releasing quad, and one interesting fact i’ve uncovered so far is the lack of CD-4 releases.

As is well know, WEA and latterly A&M went with CD-4, but i have a Frank Sinatra album that is matrix encoded, and i’ve seen Rick Wakeman’s “Journey” in SQ, and they are all from the same area.

So, if anyone from that area has any information on what labels released what and using which system, please do get in touch, and any photo’s would be really useful.

Likewise, there were obviously many quad releases in Spain that didn’t see the light of day anywhere else, i have the Spanish release of John Keatings “Space Experience 2” that was only released in stereo elsewhere. Again any information on Spanish releases would be welcome.


One Response to “Quad in Spain & South America”

  1. birdycat19 July 30, 2015 at 06:24 #

    I would love to find out that 70’s albums from Roberto Carlos (Brazilian, but did albums in all Spanish) and Mocedades (Spain, of “Eres Tu” fame) were released in quad. And then, of course, I would love for someone to track them down and do the conversions. [insert “Dream On, Bub” meme]

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