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The Alan Parsons Project – Stereotomy

19 Jul

Ambisonic UHJ


John Keating – Space Experience

16 Jul

Whilst wandering around the Hi-Fi shops in London during the early to mid 1970’s, you’d either hear this being played or see it on a turntable ready for the next inquirer looking at what quad could offer him/her. It’s easily the most consistent quad demonstration album and deserves to be in everyone’s collection.



This Is EMI Quadraphonic Sound

14 Jul


Burt Bacharach – Live In Japan

13 Jul

As stated in the previous posting, i’m releasing this album as a QS decode, even though i suspect it was encoded in RM, but as little to nothing is known of the encode parameters of it, QS is the only way of decoding i have at hand.

Ponta Murakami – Introducing “Ponta” Murakami

12 Jul

A quick return to QS for the first of two releases. This album may not be known to many, it’s not listed on Mark Anderson’s Quad discography, but the band’s sound is slightly reminiscent of ‘Brand X’ and has a nice, open, and discreet mix.

Deodato + Airto – In Concert

10 Jul

No Stereo Track


SONY SQ Sampler QSP 13018

9 Jul

SONY SQ Sampler


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