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BBC 5.0 Surround Broadcast On Sunday

19 Sep

On Sunday 21st at 15:00 UK time, there will be an 5.0 surround broadcast of a new play using MPEG-DASH via the internet. This is the same system as recently used on the quadraphonic Proms broadcasts.

More info HERE

Hopefully someone can record this  😉


Mansfield Park – BBC UHJ Play

12 May

A little late, but there’s still time to catch the final repeat of episode 1. Jane Austen’s ‘Mansfield Park’ is being broadcast on Radio 4 Extra this week in 10 x 15 minute episodes.

Oliver Twist – BBC Radio Drama

17 Oct

Oliver Twist DS304f front

After the short lived experimental Matrix H & HJ broadcasts in the late 1970’s, the BBC worked with Denon and the N.R.D.C. developing UHJ. But it wasn’t until the late 80’s and early 90’s they finally broadcast a number of experimental radio programs in UHJ, which mainly consisted of classical broadcasts on Radio 3 and plays on Radio 4, of which this was one.

Release: DS304f

Source: UHJ CD

Process: UHJ/II

Format: 2 x DVD-A/V  MLP/DTS/DD

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