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Nimbus UHJ Releases

24 Apr

Nimbus has been the one constant when it comes to Ambisonic/UHJ releases since the insertion of the system, but although the company still releases albums using UHJ they haven’t been marked as such for some time.

Nimbus are planning to add information regarding which releases are and aren’t UHJ to their website, along with information on how they record them, but in the meantime they have allowed me to pass on this information that should help those who are unsure whether they have, or are about to purchase, is UHJ or not.

UHJ (Nimbus produced albums)

Series: 5000, 7000, 7700, 7800, 8700

Not UHJ (externally purchased/licensed albums)

Series: 2500, 2700, 6000


Holly Cole Trio – Girl Talk

21 May


Release: DS150u2q

Source: Ambisonic/UHJ CD

Process: U2Q



Loose Caboose – Stay All Night

14 Nov

Loose Caboose - Stay All Night DS442 front

A review of the band

A bit of a rarity from a short lived label that only released three UHJ albums.

Release: DS442

Source: UHJ LP

Process: Ambi-UHJ


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