Captain Beyond

There has been some interest in the equipment and processes I use to make these tape transfers offered here on the DSQA-II blog. I have several multichannel setups. One setup is in the main listening area and the other setup is the work station where the transfer from analog to digital occurs. I do interchange equipment between the two. More often than I should, always looking for that nirvana outcome.

The Q4 reels can present a problem called sticky shed syndrome. I usually bake them in a food dehydrator for six hours flipping every 30 minutes. Works 99% of the time. Sometimes not. The Q4 reels are fluffed up by several repeated rewinds and fast forwards. Then played on the Teac A-3340S deck with the Teac AN-300 providing Dolby noise reduction if so encoded. This output is captured with the Akai EIE Pro interface recording with Adobe CS5.5 on the Lenovo laptop.

All of the Q8’s I have encountered, even sealed, will need repair of the splice and pads. It’s good insurance. I enjoy opening these Q8’s up and repairing them, sometimes spending hours un-spooling and re-spooling by hand. The tape is then play cycled several times to fluff it up from all those years of storage. Then played on the Akai CR-80DD-SS tape deck into the Akai EIE Pro interface being captured with Adobe CS5.5 into the Lenovo laptop. Again the Teac AN-300 is employed if the Q8 is Dolby encoded.

The analog side of the transfer is the part I enjoy most. Love to hear a title that is completely new or an old favorite that I have not heard in years. Call me old fashioned but I prefer analog sound to digital.

These digital raw files are on a portable hard drive which is then hooked up to my HP desktop for all future work to create these DVD-A’s. No less than ten different programs are needed to create these disc and .ISO image files. Please note that no filters, noise reduction, digital cleanup or alteration of the captured files is added. It is a true capture. What was on the tapes is what you hear on the disc. I don’t really enjoy this part as it seems more like work and takes hour upon hour to get to the end. Creating chapter breaks and creating the cover art always holds up my releases. I just don’t care for that part of it. I do enjoy the finished product and being able to offer them here via OD’s generosity. That is the best part of it. Above all else enjoy the music. CB

Main Listening Area:

Sony STR-DE995 multichannel amplifier

Pioneer DV-610AV DVD-A disc player

Technics 858 quadraphonic 8-Track player/recorder

Sony SQD-2020 SQ & RM decoder

Sansui QSD-1 QS decoder

Electro-Voice EV-4 decoder

JVC SEA-V7E quadraphonic equalizer

Technics SH-3433 quadraphonic scope

Technics SL-J33 linear turntable

Numark TT-1520 direct drive turntable

JVC 4MD-20X cartridge /stylus

JVC 4DD-5 CD-4 demodulator

EPI Magnus A24 tower speakers (front)

JVC SP 333 tower speakers (rear)

Work Station:

Sherwood S-8900A amplifier (front)

Sansui QS-500 amplifier (rear)

Pioneer DV-610AV DVD-A disc player

Teac A-3340S 4 channel reel to reel deck

Akai CR-800-SS quadraphonic 8-Track player/recorder

Teac AN-300 4 channel Dolby noise reduction

Sony SQD-2010 SQ & RM decoder

Russound QT-1 quadraphonic switcher

Sony PS-FL5 direct drive turntable

JVC 4DD-5 CD-4 demodulator

Akai EIE Pro 4×4 USB Interface

Lenovo laptop(dedicated)

Realistic Mach One speakers (front)

Cerwin-Vega AT-10 speakers (rear)


Adobe CS5.5

DVD-Lab Pro 2

DiscWelder Chrome


iZotope RX


SurCode Dolby Digital

Surcode MLP



Foobar 2000

VLC media player



One Response to “Captain Beyond”

  1. Owen Smith August 21, 2014 at 01:21 #

    Wow that’s a lot of legacy quad equipment you own Captain! The most obvious omission is you don’t own a Tate, but as I understand it the Sony SQD-2020 is one of the next best SQ decoders.

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