15 Aug

It’s obvious I’m wasting my time in attempting to impart some information needed to work on the quadraphonic matrices, so I might as well call it a day now.

The planned final two ‘special’ releases will not be released, because I just can’t be bothered.




34 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. jaypfunk September 23, 2018 at 13:17 #

    Really sorry to see you go OD. I hope that in the future you reconsider and at least upload the final two releases. It sounds like they may be pretty special and I know myself and many others would want to hear these.

  2. sumo5763 August 23, 2018 at 11:05 #

    sorry to hear but respect your decision and the work you have done. a big thank you for the hours of pleasure provided by this work and enabling that for so many people. the world is indeed a better place due to selfless people such yourself, wishing you well for the future.

  3. Theo August 22, 2018 at 21:48 #

    Very sorry to hear about your decision. Don’t know the background for this. I’ve read about FB a few posts ago. Never been there, and never will do. It’s a teenie thing – not my cup of tea – and – I think – not yours!

    I’m pretty sure that all the people visiting this site, admire you and your work.

  4. calchar August 21, 2018 at 23:31 #


    May I wish you all the best for a happy future full of peace and free from irritation. I could not allow you to head off for your well earned rest without expressing my sincere thanks for bringing back to 4-channel life so many of the records that I have but without the proper means to play them in surround glory.

    You have provided through your seemingly tireless work some of the greatest 4 channel gems available in recorded form. I have always been totally amazed at the clarity and discrete presentation you have managed to extract from the QS and SQ matrix system. In spite of your hugely interesting insight into the basic formulae and mathematics involved I am afraid that my small brain cannot get halfway to creating anything that could extract such perfect decodes. You may recall that I wrote to you about your stunning decode of Billy Joel’s Turnstiles which is now an absolute favourite for me. Also, Andre Previn’s Music Night has given me much enjoyment in it’s preferred four channel presentation.

    I am really happy to have been able to obtain so many of your fine decodes which I would not have had at all without your expertise in this field. So, whilst like others it would always be nice to have one or two more, I will now treasure those decodes that sit in easy reach of my universal disc player and smile every time I play one, perhaps, occasionally raising a glass and wishing you well wherever the future takes you,

    Cheers and good health!

  5. atq August 21, 2018 at 19:39 #

    Thank you for all your work. You have truly made a difference to my life. Without you, I would not have begun (and continued) the wonderful journey into quad.

  6. Bruce Greenberg August 20, 2018 at 22:55 #

    There’s really nothing I can add to the comments from everyone. So, I’ll just say, thank you for all the work, all the information and all the music. You’ve affected a lot of people in a very positive way. I can’t give much higher praise to anyone.

  7. Joe August 20, 2018 at 21:33 #

    Very sorry to have you go! Was really hoping i could talk you into doing Klaus Schulze Cyborg. But, thank you for the quad memories.

  8. S. L. August 18, 2018 at 20:39 #

    Lots of people in the community saddened by this, myself most especially – the last round of projects was an exciting one and it really seems tragic that you’ve decided to cut it short. Will still keep a watchful eye on the blog in case you change your mind someday.

  9. manofamillionchords August 17, 2018 at 02:47 #

    We know that you must do what you feel you must do, but would Einstein be upset if a chimpanzee ridiculed him? You are the smartest one in the room. Good luck oxforddickie and thanks for all the great music.

  10. Artis Falkner August 16, 2018 at 21:56 #

    Truly the end of an era OD. I’ve been listening to all of the past releases again recently and really enjoyed the last Rolling Stones release. You were part of what made the original version of the internet interesting, blogs, homepages, tribute sites curated collections. Now all we have is Facebook, ads and corporate sites. Just sad to see you go as you are one of the only non-commercial bookmarks I seem to have left.
    That said, it’s really cool to see that the record labels have responded to communities like this one and re-released things like the Audio Fidelity SACD series and Rhino doing the Doors and Chicago releases. Cheap Trick putting out an 8-track and the Foo Fighters putting out a reel to reel. Not to mention the Pink Floyd catalog. You can tell those label execs have been lurking this site. Thanks so much for all the posts about the inner workings of Quad tech and how it came to be. I’m a huge fan of Steve Desper and his work with the Beach Boys and hearing their 70’s catalog as well as the debut album from the Flame in quad was a real treat to say the least. Good luck with your health and enjoy your time off from educating the masses.

  11. Greg August 16, 2018 at 21:33 #

    I was only able to sample a few titles, but ALL were both thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

    Please take care, and wish you well.

  12. Skrain Dukat August 16, 2018 at 09:54 #

    Many thanks for your work over the years.
    Wish you well

  13. shags54 August 16, 2018 at 06:04 #

    Wow, this is sad.

    I only found this blog yesterday after hearing about the quality of oxforddickie’s work and his vast knowledge of all things quad, and now it’s gone.

    I was blown away by this repository of knowledge but my excitement was short lived.

    oxforddickie, I don’t know the background behind your decision, but I hope things work out for you and your peace is quickly restored.

  14. Keith Bruce August 16, 2018 at 04:05 #

    Another Thanks I enjoyed my time listening to all your works. The recent articles were well written. I know you [joked?] if you wrote out your processes it would be complex and boring. I found them an interesting read and I HATE reading non-fiction text books.

  15. Beukenoot August 15, 2018 at 22:53 #

    i was off.. Much work, had accident.

    I regret this. But since when does an Englishman ends with a French word?

    Just never Say never, and the matrix return, maybe reloaded. Let me thank you for all the good work that gave me hours of enjoyful listening!

  16. lupineassassin August 15, 2018 at 21:03 #

    I’m sorry about your ordeal. I hope we can still stay in touch.

  17. S. L. August 15, 2018 at 19:15 #

    I would ask you to reconsider, but it’s clear your mind is made up, so in that case – thank you for your service, live long and prosper.

    – S.

  18. Michael Eldridge August 15, 2018 at 18:49 #

    I second so many of the remarks below. As the saying goes: Haters gonna hate. But for my part, I hate to see all of your technical knowledge go away with you, Richard. It always saddens me to see trolls be uncivil and demeaning. But I’ve always followed the technical discussions–arguments?–that emerge from good-faith questioners, challengers, even naysayers with great interest, even when the discussions get heated or when people end up talking at cross-purposes, as they sometimes do. In the aggregate, it’s helped me understand so much more about matrix recording and decoding. And I’ve noted that even many of your critics and “opponents” still appreciate your best work. Many of us here do, too, and I hope you’ll leave this blog up as a testament to your achievements and a repository for your expertise.

  19. MrModulator August 15, 2018 at 17:10 #

    Thank you so much for all you have contributed. You have left a massive legacy of work about matrix encoding and decoding. Not only have you written about the techniques, perspectives, challenges, and history of the quadraphonic movement, but every now and then you provided glimpses regarding the personalities and trends. Your work has provided me with years of intellectual stimulation. In addition to this you have created an enormous body of recordings that moved your theory to practice. Using signal processing and your own auditory insights you have made long-dead music sound better than it did on the original equipment. I have enjoyed quadraphonic music since my teen years in the early 1970s. The joy of hearing albums (that I have carefully kept through all my moves) brought back to life, better than ever, has provided me with emotional pleasure to match the intellectual stimulation of the hows and whys.
    Thanks for all you have done — and know that if you decide to jump back into the fray, the “right” people will continue to appreciate your works. However, if this is where you leave things, your efforts have resulted in knowledge and music that will stand the test of time.

  20. tubelicious August 15, 2018 at 15:55 #

    Doubtful. You’ve demonstrated many times over that your ego exceeds your knowledge and your word. You’ll be back soon to shit on the surround master, QQ, or anyone else that dosent subscribe to your Svengali-like approach to running a blog. Thansk again for the rips, not bad, but not always SM level and certainly not that of the Tate II.

    Bye bye (for now).

  21. Owen Smith August 15, 2018 at 15:25 #

    I was also enjoying the articles about the matrix systems themselves and the issues with decoding them.

    • oxforddickie August 15, 2018 at 17:35 #

      There was still a little way to go, sorry.

      • sacdtodvda August 17, 2018 at 04:57 #

        The discontinuation of those articles is as much a loss as the discontinuation of the decodes. It was good to get an understanding of the complexity of the process.

  22. Owen Smith August 15, 2018 at 15:18 #

    Well that’s a shame, though not entirely unexpected given recent postings. As occured several times in the past, one person upset you and spoiled it for everyone else. That said, you could have ignored them but it is part of your nature that you can’t. Too much water under the bridge with previous arguments.

    So is the Reference Series complete? It covers EV-4, SQ, QS and UHJ and that’s the major set of matrix systems. DY is only slightly different to EV-4 and DY has few releases, and any other matrix system after that is pretty much a curiosity.

    • oxforddickie August 15, 2018 at 17:33 #

      It’s a cut back version of which I originally planned, plus the last two, which you know of, won’t see the light of day.

      It was more than that idiot, it’s been the slow dip,drip,drip of it all. It just felt right this morning, and still does, so that’s an end to it all.

  23. jaypfunk August 15, 2018 at 15:16 #

    This sucks. Please don’t go. Fuck those assholes out there that give you shit. Just ignore them. Facebook is for 14 year old girls.

    • Steven Sullivan August 15, 2018 at 18:03 #

      Which Facebook group are we talking about here?

      • Steven Sullivan August 15, 2018 at 18:07 #

        NM, I see now where it is. I’m subscribed to that one but rarely read the posts, as they’re dominated by people I suspect actually have some sort of mental deficit (like the doofus who blew up his wall outlet).

  24. Terence O'Kelly August 15, 2018 at 13:57 #

    Contributions to knowledge are never a waste of time, even if unappreciated by some. You pursued a passion of yours and at the same time made a form of art available to many who either missed it the first time around or who discovered it for the first time. If you were happy with your work, your time was not wasted. I can assure you that many others appreciated your efforts and learned a great deal. You have to decide if the results were worth the effort. For me, it was a thrill to see quad come back to life again and to understand the inner workings devoid of marketing hype.

  25. 2sheds August 15, 2018 at 11:14 #

    Don’t list to those a-holes on FB
    Hope you reconsider.

  26. Em² August 15, 2018 at 10:28 #

    You are certainly not wasting your time. Your time is wasted on some, I’ll give you that, but that’s true of life in general, sadly.

    I used to go to a lot of comedy gigs (I like a laugh) but you could always scan any audience to find the stony-faced individual just not getting it whilst the majority split their sides. Why are they even there? Same too the heckler at a gig who just has to shout out. Why?

    Either way, a heartfelt thanks for all your efforts over the years. I do hope you remain interested in your passion even if you decide sharing has more downsides than up.
    Wishing you well and thanks again.

  27. forthosewithfourears August 15, 2018 at 09:00 #

    This is sad news Richard. I’m sure you realise that any negative comments are sure to be coming from a very tiny minority of people. It’s the way of the world that those that are perfectly satisfied tend to remain silent most of the time – myself included. I really hope this isn’t the last we hear from you.

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