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2018 Winter Olympics in Surround

9 Feb

Am watching the live broadcast of the 2018 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony .And for onve i’m glad to say the Taiwanese have done a good job pn the surround mix with the UK announcer firmly front centre and the music heavily biased towards the rear, you can hear everything clearly.

The BBC could learn a lot from this!


Andy Jackson – Signal To Noise

7 Feb

Andy Jackson began his career at Utopia Studios in London, training under James Guthrie, a relationship that continues to this day with the duo being co-pilots of Pink Floyd’s sound.  Andy had success as a recording engineer at Utopia, including hits with Boomtown Rats “I Don’t Like Mondays”, before the call came from James Guthrie to follow him into the world of Pink Floyd, to work on the film of “The Wall”, an offer he couldn’t resist, having been a Floyd fan for many years. So started a relationship that continues to this day, (on albums such as “The Final Cut”, “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”, “The Division Bell”, “Pulse”, Roger Waters’ “The Pros and Cons of Hitch-hiking”, David Gilmour’s “About Face”, “On An Island”, “Live in Gdansk”), resulting in two Grammy nominations for his work and Mix magazine’s award for best live sound engineer for “Pulse” tour. He is also engineer and a co-producer of the Pink Floyd album, “The Endless River”.

Personal Note:
This album does seem to split peoples views, you either love it or hate it. Amazon is the best place for both views.
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