Audio Fidelity – Those You May Have Missed Pt.2

16 Jan

All AF Multi-Channel Discs are SACD

Labelle – Nightbirds

1-Lady Marmalade
2-Somebody Somewhere
3-Are You Lonely?
4-It Took A Long Time
5-Don’t Bring Me Down
6-What Can I Do For You?
8-Space Children
9-All Girl Band
10-You Turn Me On

The Jeff Beck Group – Jeff Beck Group

1 Ice Cream Cakes
2 Glad All Over
3 Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You
4 Sugar Cane
5 I Can’t Give Back The Love I Feel For You
6 Going Down
7 I Got To Have A Song
8 Highways
9 Definitely Maybe

Loggins and Messina – Loggins and Messina

1. Good Friend
2. Whiskey
3. Your Mama Don’t Dance
4. Long Tail Cat
5. Golden Ribbons
6. Thinking of You
7. Just Before the News
8. Till the Ends Meet
9. Holiday Hotel
10. Lady of My Heart
11. Angry Eyes

Alice Cooper – Muscle of Love

1. Big Apple Dreamin’ (Hippo)
2. Never Been Sold Before
3. Hard Hearted Alice
4. Crazy Little Child
5. Working Up a Sweat
6. Muscle of Love
7. Man with the Golden Gun
8. Teenage Lament ’74
9. Woman Machine

Herbie Hancock – Thrust

1-Palm Grease – 10:37
2-Actual Proof – 9:40
3-Butterfly – 11:17
4-Spank-A-Lee – 7:12

Judy Collins – Colors of the day THE BEST of Judy Collins

Someday Soon
Since You Asked
Both Sides Now
Sons Of
Farewell to Tarwathie
Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Sunny Goodge Street
My Father
In My Life
Amazing Grace

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Birds Of Fire

1. Birds Of Fire
2. Miles Beyond (Miles Davis)
3. Celestial Terrestrial Commuters
4. Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love
5. Thousand Island Park
6. Hope
7. One Word
8. Sanctuary
9. Open Country Joy
10. Resolution



3 Responses to “Audio Fidelity – Those You May Have Missed Pt.2”

  1. prefabfan January 17, 2018 at 07:13 #

     Hello.  just when you think you are out; they drag you back in AGAIN!!!Can I buy a copy of the Alternate Eli and The Thirteenth?

  2. Owen Smith January 17, 2018 at 00:13 #

    Several of those titles have been on the blog as decodes or Q8 from the Captain. I particularly remember Herbie Hancock: Thrust being a great listen and great quad mix. Some of the Deodato from a previous post rings a bell too.

    • oxforddickie January 17, 2018 at 10:17 #

      True, and not to mention an ‘official’ release would, i feel, to be wrong. I’ve always puta commercial release before any decode on the blog and will always prefer supporting a companies work at making them available to the general market again.

      Without support it will dry up and we’l be back to where we were when i started getting involved in all of this.

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