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New Kid On The Block

28 Feb

I’m not sure if folks here are aware of a new group dedicated to Quadraphonic and Surround sound. This is an excerpt from his introduction:

“Finally, a serious group about Quadraphonic and Surround audio. This covers Quadraphonic and Surround Hardware, records, both Discrete and Matrix, Reel to Reel, 8-Track, CD, DTS-CD SACD, DVD-A and DVD”

So if you fancy joining just nip over here and say “OD” sent you.


SACD Transfers

28 Feb

I’m sure your all aware of our fellow blogger ‘SACD2DVD-A’s’ blog devoted to making available PS3 transfers of SACDs on DVD-A/V.

A few weeks ago, Owen Smith sent out some information regarding some news that it has been found that a very small number of Blu-Ray/SACD players can be made to digitally export the information on SACD’s exactly as is done with the PS3 process.

Although this information was of great interest, the price of these players is normally well of my reach nowadays, plus as i already have a Denon player, spending such a sum on a machine that would only get very occasional use was not viable, and not just on the issue of not having the funds.

But, through sheer luck, i saw an advert for one of the units (Pioneer BDP-170) going for a ridiculously low price. After contacting the seller i was really surprised to find that it was still available, so after breaking into the blog’s piggy bank, i paid for it and awaited the delivery.

It arrived in A1 mint condition, seems he’d bought it, used it a couple of times then replaced it with an OPPO.

Anyway, to get to the point of this posting, i have a small selection of 5.1 SACD’s that i will be made available on DVD-A/V via SACD2DVDA’s blog at irregular intervals.

The first has just been released……

The Baker Gurvitz Army – In Concert 1975

28 Feb


It’s nice to be able to make available this concert of The Baker Gurvitz Army from 1975. I remember hearing it on Radio One (in stereo) back in the day and now hearing it in quad brings back more than a memory or two.

Release: DS78p

Source: SQ Transcription LP

Process: ‘Phoenix’


Walter Wegmuller and The Cosmic Couriers – Tarot

23 Feb


This, almost one and a half hour long, double LP album was released in 1972 and is quite possibly high on the ‘wants’ lists for those who are interested in Krautrock, Klaus Schulze or Manuel Gottsching.

In its original release format it’s quite rare, as is the 2 x CD release released in 2016.


Release: DS76p

Source: 2 x SQ CD

Process: ‘Phoenix’


Richard Zimmerman – The Complete Works Of Scott Joplin

22 Feb


Originally released as a 5LP box-set


Reissue: (D) New decode

Release: DS473ch

Source: 5 x QS CD

Process: ‘Chimera’

Release: 3 x DVD-A/V  MLP/DTS/DD

Gentle Giant – Golders Green 5/1/78

4 Feb


Recorded as part of the BBC’s year long quadraphonic tests in 1977/78 and broadcast as part of the ‘Sight & Sound’ simulcast series on BBC1 & Radio 1.

Release: DS71m

Source: Matrix HJ encoded DVD

Process: ‘Medusa’


The Best Of Tony Mottola

3 Feb


This album collects tracks from Tony’s pre-quad albums that were specially remixed for this release.

One point i must make is with regards the first track. The guitar is mixed low in relationship to the rest of the instruments. In fact it sounds like the effects track alone, without the main guitar track being switched in. Possibly a rush job and somehow went un-missed?

Release: DS69d

Source: EV-4 LP

Process: ‘Dryad’


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