Yehudi Menuhin & Stephane Grappelli – Tea For Two

25 Aug

Mehuhin & Grappelli - Tea For Two DS585p front

Three years after releasing ‘Fascinatin’ Rhythm‘ the pair reunite for this album of standards, performed in their own unique style.

Release: DS585p

Source: SQ CD

Process: ‘Phoenix’



One Response to “Yehudi Menuhin & Stephane Grappelli – Tea For Two”

  1. records633 December 13, 2016 at 01:22 #

    Nice work, Ive owned a couple ol Lp’s and a cd copy from the complete Yehudi Menuhin & Stephane Grappelli box set, Its a interesting mix right at the tail end of the Quad era. Pity there were only two LPs made in Quad, Steph also made a solo Quad album. Even though its a CD 44/16 source it sounds much better than I would have expected. Quite impressed what can be taken and separated from CD source material. Need to give it a listen or two more to get the ‘stereo’ version out of my head!

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