A New AOQ Quadcast

25 May

Although relitavely short, this one is possibly of more interest to the ‘techies’ amongst us, but do have a look



One Response to “A New AOQ Quadcast”

  1. Owen Smith May 25, 2016 at 16:50 #

    I had wondered about the fact a Q8 has two lots of quad tracks, and whether the tape was run through twice with the head moved or whether there were two sets of heads on the Fostex conversion. I came to the conclusion two sets of heads would work better, glad to see I was right. Feeding the output into the guts of a Q8 deck seems odd, I wonder if that’s how Tab Patterson used it?

    I also hadn’t even seen his episode 2 so I’ll have a watch of that, but at 90 minutes it’ll have to wait.

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