John Coltrane – Infinity

26 Mar

John Coltrane - Infinity DS163ch front


Reissue: New decode

Release: DS163ch

Source: QS CD

Process: ‘Chimera’



2 Responses to “John Coltrane – Infinity”

  1. atq June 14, 2016 at 17:08 #

    Fidelity not very good on this – surprised it comes from a CD. Maybe the original recording wasn’t that good? Also often found the instrument placement ambiguous, e.g. not clear if certain things are meant to be front or rear. There’s a double bass (?) solo in track 3 which helps explain the problem (possibly). It’s coming front left, but there’s a lot of it in the other speakers too. Seeing as this is originally a mid 60s jazz recording, I wonder if it was recorded live with little concern for spillage between tracks, with maybe a lot of room ambience. In mono or stereo that would give it some atmosphere, but in quad there’s too much confusing information.

    I enjoy it, but it would be better in higher fidelity and a little more discrete. I’m sure the decode is working well, there are times when things are definitely coming from certain positions, it must be the mix / recording, I think.

    • oxforddickie June 14, 2016 at 19:17 #

      It’s important to remember that these were recorded live in the studio, possibly with a lot of overspill. The quality is as good as the original tapes allow. As to the decode, you can only decode with the information within the mix, the decoding process doesn’t alter at all during a decode, basically it is what it is.

      Some of these jazz titles do appear to suffer more mix and fidelity wise than normal, but then perhaps it’s down to the location/studio where it was recorded. I can’t imagine they’d use the best studio’s for many reasons, which would probably mean the equipment used to record may not be ‘top notch’.

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