Enough is Enough!?

8 Dec

Well it’s happened again, but this time i’m completely baffled how PayPal cottoned on. Hmmm.

So that’s it unless a workable solution can be found.


26 Responses to “Enough is Enough!?”

  1. philbiker December 11, 2015 at 14:06 #

    Whatever you do please reach out. I don’t post much, but your hard work and dedication to these great old mixes is very much appreciated!!!!

  2. Em² December 9, 2015 at 14:16 #

    I’ve used Transferwise to make & receive money across borders. Still a fee involved but much smaller than regular bank to bank transfers. Trouble is any small regular number of payments can trigger a fraud alert if not operating as a business these days.

  3. Michael Clark December 9, 2015 at 13:20 #

    Maybe a stupid question, but have you looked at the other paypal alternatives?


    • oxforddickie December 9, 2015 at 14:46 #

      Did a search before but there’s some names there i don’t recognise. Cheers

  4. crispin14 December 9, 2015 at 00:36 #

    Thinking analogically, how about snail mail. Most countries banks let a person have a US Dollar Account on which one can write US Dollar Cheques. All you would need is a US Dollar account in the U.K.

    If you go that route, however It would be beneficial to your clients to be able to donate ahead for several releases given that there could be a per cheque bank fee and postage.
    Here in Canada just a stamp to send a piece of paper to the UK costs $2.50, a bit more than £1

    • Owen Smith December 9, 2015 at 01:13 #

      I tried to open a Euro bank account about 10 years ago so that I could put euros into it when returning to the UK from holidays, or even have a Euro credit card. I was told by several banks in no uncertain terms that this was illegal due to UK anti money laundering laws. Personally I think they were lying to me about the law, but it was sufficiently difficult I gave up. I have no idea how that would work out for US dollars, and I have seen one bank now actively advertising a linked euros account for UK customers (I forget which one).

      Don’t forget, the UK attitude is that Stirling is a perfectly decent currency, why would you need anything else? It’s not like small countries where their own currency is so unstable that half the population have a dollar or euro account.

  5. gjwAudio December 9, 2015 at 00:21 #

    Hi OD

    This REALLY SUCKS. The Banksters have us all by the short-n-curlies.

    Just this morning I was moving toward the computer with intent-to-DPR… a few items are just too tempting to wait until my gear is back up and running.

    I too have a friend who’s been innocently dumped on the wrong side of the PayPal Borg. There’s no fighting it for the individual (…by design). I have no clever suggestion :(, but commit to working with whatever system you feel comfortable with.

    We must never utter the phrase “Close The Blog” !!

    Thank you again, for all your hard work (and suffering) to bring us these Treasures.

  6. Paul I December 8, 2015 at 22:57 #

    Im in the US. My online bank account allows me to make electronic transfers into other bank accounts. Im not sure if this will work internationally though, and there is probably a currency exchange issue as well. I can look into it further but to try it I’ll eventually need an account number to transfer something into. In the short term, you could always accept money orders in snail mail. OMG… what has it come too ,,, quad addiction madness.

    • oxforddickie December 9, 2015 at 00:01 #

      The reason i don’t use that method for paying for items outside of the EU is because it costs an unbelievable £25 per transaction. Best check with your bank before doing anything.

  7. prefabfan December 8, 2015 at 17:02 #


  8. prefabfan December 8, 2015 at 17:01 #

    Im sorry to hear that. reminds me of when the VAT Volpo intercepted my mail to you with Main Street People in QS quad. “cottoned on” is not a term we use across the pound. Any chance this was the guy who steals your stuff and posts it elsewhere as his own? How did Paypal draw the connection? Live by the computer, ….. Time for some well deserved rest.

    • oxforddickie December 8, 2015 at 17:13 #

      I can’t imagine how they could have done it on their own, but i don’t want to start rumours, not enough solid proof.

  9. rarbar December 8, 2015 at 16:38 #

    Could you consider yearly or monthly membership to decrease volume of transactions and visability

    • oxforddickie December 8, 2015 at 16:47 #

      I’ve never been a fan of such subscription methods over the DPR idea because there’s no guarantee what is released over any particular period is to any particular persons tastes. Pus it puts extra pressure on me to ensure the minimum number of releases are made, whereas the DPR method allows to do as few, or as many, as i wish or time allows.

      Unfortunately the idea of paying directly into a bank account would only be really viable here in the EU, i suspect the transaction charges for the rest of the world would be too great.

  10. jaypfunk December 8, 2015 at 13:21 #

    That really stinks. Have you looked into http://www.patreon.com ? My buddy has a podcast and takes his donations thru that.

    • oxforddickie December 8, 2015 at 15:44 #

      One problem i see is it would make the blog more noticeable, which one would thing would be a good thing, but i doubt it very much. Don’t forget i’m walking a very fine line here, it’s not exactly legal.

      Then there’s the mention of VAT. Now ANYTHING Government related scares the whats-its out of me and it’s not a road i’m willing to go down.

      But what i’m more worried about is how this came about. I will not go into details but the email i received was worded differently, and makes me wonder if this didn’t happen by accident, more likely were they tipped off?

      IF that were the case, and i’m not saying it is, any attempt to use the likes of Patreon could possibly end up the same way. What makes me think this is some odd emails i’ve had over the last week or so, sitting here in the cold light of day shows them to be possibly more than they first appeared.

    • Owen Smith December 9, 2015 at 00:49 #

      There’s a risk of reading too much into things here. I get odd emails occasionally, we all do. And the fact the PayPal wording is different doesn’t necessarily mean anything, they might have changed it, or someone pushed a different button.

  11. Owen Smith December 8, 2015 at 09:29 #

    Same physical postal address and PayPal finally noticed? Have they given a reason for closing your account again? And we were generating fees for PayPal this time I believe.

    Anyway, we may be back to the idea of paying direct to an account of yours. I thought you had a second account sorted out that isn’t your main bank account so it’s safer to publish.

    • oxforddickie December 8, 2015 at 09:35 #

      I’ve sat on this for a couple of days trying to figure it out. I honestly can’t see how they cottoned on, different account, email address etc. I keep coming back to one thing, which i won’t discuss here.

      It seems as though making profit isn’t enough for them.

      The only viable option is, as you say, what we previously discussed, but as you may imagine, i’m just a little peed off.

    • Owen Smith December 8, 2015 at 13:02 #

      Well I did advise last time you keep the new PayPal account just for buying albums online and change to a new funding method. It seemed likely to me that if a previous account got closed, a new one would too. Now you need a new blog funding method and you don’t have a PayPal account for buying albums. I hate being right about this.

      What other payment methods are there? I’ve nearly stopped using PayPal anyway, I’ve got several friends they treated badly. Most of the places I used PayPal now also take Amazon Pay and the great thing about that is you can have different billing and delivery addresses (eg. deliver to work, or parents, or friends) which PayPal don’t allow.

      Donate Per Release is just a funding model. There are others. You need funds to continue the blog, but they don’t have to be per release. I would suggest there is evidence Donate Per Release is wearing out anyway. There’s a lot less torrent traffic these days.

      Anyway, other funding options are things like Patreon where people sign up to donate regularly. Or there’s straight standing orders into your new/second bank account thought I don’t know if that works from outside the UK (I have done one off bank transfers from the US to the UK). With a constant income stream, you could make most releases on the blog free to all with a small number of limited special releases only available to the donors with monthly amounts. This might regenerate the blog with a bit more activity.

      A number of the free webcomics I read have gone to a Patreon model, some have extras for supporters and some don’t. But the all did it because they needed a bit of cash to continute the comic.

      • Alfie December 8, 2015 at 16:47 #

        That seems like an interesting idea. I don’t know the economics or how many free and paid users you have, but the ideal model would be to have as many user as possible, and all payments entirely voluntary. This would deal with the legality as no one would be paying for copyrighted materials. If there are enough people interested in your work, perhaps you could explain and recoup your costs from people wishing to support you.

        Given that people who use Bittorrent aren’t keen on paying even the copyright holders, maybe you’ll have better luck appealing for them to pay to support this as an archival project.

        There is also he possibility of letting go a bit and farming out some of the work. I don’t know enough about the processes involved to say for sure, but I expect your main skill is writing the algorithms: dubbing vinyl and creating multi-track DVDs just requires the right equipment and a little know-how. It could still be done under your auspices and approval.

        Just suggestions.

        Meanwhile, I was planning on buying a few old titles into the new year. Are direct payments a problem? I thought you could pay someone in Sterling and have them pay the exchange costs.

        • oxforddickie December 8, 2015 at 16:56 #

          Those with long memories will remember the donate button on the blog, was barely worth it then as it would now.

          As to direct payments, if your in the EU i’d imagine there wouldn’t be a problem but elsewhere you’d best ask your bank.

          • Alfie December 9, 2015 at 09:43 #

            I’m in the UK so there would be no issue there. I’ll contact you direct when I’m ready.

        • Owen Smith December 9, 2015 at 00:56 #

          Yes but I thought it was just a “tip jar” and I donated about twice in two years. Almost every site has a “donate” button these days, I’ve even had one ask me if I really meant to donate. If it were made clear the blog could only continue with enough support from patrons that might help? I understand the risks, but I’m trying to think of a funding model that could be made to work. Anything that could be made to work, and monthly donations gets round all sorts of problems from small donations vs. overheads to VAT and possibly copyright issues.

          It’s also worth looking at other payment systems, including ones suggested last time (there’s a name I forget). Google pay, Apple, Amazon pay, do any of these do anything? Credit cards, is there any way you can take direct payment from people’s cards? It used to be hard to accept cards but I thought there was a way of doing it these days.

          • j9young December 9, 2015 at 20:42 #

            A couple of sites that I visit regularly use to use PayPal as a means for folks to make donations, but they now no longer use PP—perhaps for similar reasons as here. One now uses Skrill (skrill.com) and the other is Stripe (stripe.com). I have no idea if either of these would be viable options, but they may be worth looking into.

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