B.B.King – The Best Of

20 Nov

B.B.King - The Best Of DS65ch front


Reissue: New decode

Release: DS65ch

Source: QS CD

Process: ‘Chimera’



3 Responses to “B.B.King – The Best Of”

  1. mactwit November 27, 2015 at 13:47 #

    Hardly a blues specialist am I, but thought I’d say something since comments are few as yet. I am not really pleased with the mix as such, as I really think Mr King’s singing should be brought forward, and not constantly lurking in the background somewhere. Also, his guitar playing does not at all appear to be coming from the same direction as his singing (more like the opposite).

    Having said that, Chimera does seem to be doing a better job decoding the mix. Although the voice is still lurking, there is a general sense of space and clarity I don’t think was there before. Really a shame that the voice seems to have been brought in as an afterthought. It’s as if I’m listening to two recordings at once, actually; the quad consisting of instruments positioned around me, and some vague added projection of the vocal which sort of floats.

    • oxforddickie November 27, 2015 at 15:33 #

      The mix on this album does cause many some concern, especially with regards to Mr Kings vocal level on some of the tracks. Firstly i think it is important to keep in mind this was probably a quick remix job done to support the companies quad output, quite possibly done very cheaply with little thought, or care.

      The one thing that has always bugged we is the volume level change at the beginning of the first track, as if somebody reached for the faders realising it was too loud and left it like that instead of restarting it.

      With regards to the vocals, one thing i do find very interesting is the difference in the positioning between most SQ and QS releases. It’s a known fact that when played in mono both systems have any sounds situated at the centre rear position disappear due to phase cancellation, which led to CBS suggesting at nothing of import be placed at that position and that main vocals be placed front centre.

      Sansui don’t seem to have suggested anything, so often vocals would be placed dead centre in the square, as if being mixed for purely discrete release. And this title is one of those, where the vocals appear to ‘float’ somewhere, with no firm position.

      I personally think that this type of mixing fails completely whereas, although suggested purely for technical reasons, SQ mixes win tend to out simply because we are used to hearing vocals in front of us.

  2. Matt Eastwood November 27, 2015 at 08:27 #

    This album is so beautiful! I loved your first decode already. I don’t currently have access to the Freebies folder (which does make sense; I haven’t been as active lately as I used to be), but for those who check in here: don’t let this gem pass you by, guys. Thanks, OD, for your work!

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