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Directory of UK Sound Collections

29 Oct

As some of you may remember, earlier in the year i put forward this blogs details to the British Library who had decided to start a directory of individuals and institutions who were actively archiving audio, of any type. I have already posted that the blog was accepted, but today i received notification that the directory has been officially published, and at 661 pages it’s a stunning document listing the work being done in the UK to archive audio/sounds.

If your interested in their work, the website is here


BBC Binaural Broadcasts

29 Oct

On the evening of the 31st of October the BBC will be broadcasting two ‘scary’ plays on Radio 4. The UK FM service will be broadcasting the standard stereo versions, but the Binaural versions will be available via the web.

The plays are “The Ring” and “The Stone Tape“.

Should be interesting listening.

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