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Mountain – Twin Peaks

28 Oct



I thought it best explain my use of the original CD release of this album over the newer ‘remastered version. The original CD has been unfairly slated as having poor sound quality, which it may seem to have on most players as it was mastered with ‘pre-emphasis’, and hardly any players nowadays are equipped with the de-emphasis circuitry to return the audio back to it’s normal level, resulting in an over bright, bass light quality with a slightly recessed mid-range.

The remastered release unfortunately suffers from having been eq’d and compressed to make it ‘sound’ clearer. resulting in damage being caused to the encoded information. Also, during the listening tests i found i soon grew tired of listening to it and never actually made it all the way through.

So the original release was used, after having been accurately de-emphasised. And like the previous Santana live album, this decode really impressed me, it was another that i never bothered to listen too before, something that has certainly changed.


Reissue: (D) New decode

Release: DS43p

Source: SQ CD



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