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Santana – Lotus

17 Oct

Santana - Lotus DS11p front

This reissue is long overdue because i wasn’t overly happy with the overall quality of the original vinyl transfer that was supplied in the early days. Just because it was recorded at 24/96 doesn’t mean it was fit for purpose, which, i’m sorry to say, proved to be correct.

So for this release i opted for the rare Japanese 3CD release after hearing that the American 2CD set suffered from heavy compression, thus affecting sound quality.

As you probably know this is a very long live concert, clocking in at two hours. Because of that it wasn’t possible to get the complete concert onto one DVD-A/V as normal. I had the choice of splitting the concert between two discs or to do the complete concert on separate discs, which is the option i went for. So all you need to do is to download the disc with the audio stream you need, although there’s nothing to stop you downloading both as a future proofing exercise.

One last thing is that i’ve removed that totally unnecessary minute of silence before the music starts. I’m sorry if that aggravates anyone but it being there aggravated me no end.

I would appreciate feedback on the album, especially the use of two separate discs.


Reissue: (D) New source & decode.

Release: DS11p

Source: Japanese 3CD set.

Process: ‘Phoenix’

Format: 1 x DVD-A:  MLP  &  1 x DVD-V:  DTS/DD

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