John Keating Incorporated – Hits In Hi-Fi 1

4 Jul


Those purchasing this album on it’s release were most probably deeply disappointed. Gone was the brash use of synthesizers and an even brasher mix that pulled out almost every trick in the book to impress. Instead what they got was a more mature, smoother album with a mix that befits it’s status.

Looking back on it, and having listened to it a number of times, it’s problem is that nothing could compete with ‘Space Experience‘ and it deserves be listened to without comparison.

Reissue: New Decode

Release: DS111p

Source: SQ LP

Process: ‘Phoenix’



3 Responses to “John Keating Incorporated – Hits In Hi-Fi 1”

  1. atq September 30, 2015 at 17:12 #

    Other comments are spot on – do not compare to Space Experience, but it’s very good at its own thing. It is a VERY easy listening album, and the synth sounds tend towards the cheesy, so you have to be in the right mood. But all four speakers are well used, and occasionally a sound moves very tastefully around the room. I found the separation to be be great. Thanks once again for this OD.

  2. Beechwoods (@Beechwoods_) August 30, 2015 at 14:06 #

    I must admit that Keating has great taste in material – the opener (Love’s Theme by Barry White, a real classic) is fantastic, and it just gets better. The quad surround field sounds excellent. I like the arrangements – it’s easy to forget how groundbreaking these synth arrangements are, and how convincing some of the sounds are for mimicking traditional instruments and real voices.

    I agree with Owen that it might be said to be lift music in places, but only because of what came after. In all this is a lovely chill-out album. My only complaint is that most of the songs end too soon – he clearly loved the premature fade!

  3. Owen Smith July 5, 2015 at 14:34 #

    I remember being very underwhelmed with the SQ*Final version of this (the disc has just gone in the bin). But Phoenix has made it interesting. It’s almost lift music in places, but it’s very good lift music with quite an active quad mix. Phoenix easily places instruments fully rear with no bleed to the fronts. You do have to forget Space Experience as OD says and judge this on its own merits, which are worthwhile.

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