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Procol Harum – Live At The Hollywood Bowl

31 May

Release: DS75p

Source: SQ Pre-FM

Process: ‘Phoenix’



The Byrds – Byrdmaniax

26 May

The Byrds - Byrdmaniax DS487p front

Although Allmusic doesn’t give it a great review, i  like it. It should be noted that if you know the stereo mix then you’ll find say the quad mix is quite different. It didn’t do too well in the charts in the USA, so that’s possibly why the quad version was only released in Japan.

Release: DS487p

Source: SQ LP

Process: ‘Phoenix’


Confused? – You will be…….

24 May

Take a close look at the cover… Ebay


B.B.King – L.A. Midnight

19 May

B.B.King - L.A. Midnight DS484s front

This album was also released in Japan using the short lived QM matrix system.


Release: DS484s

Source: QS CD

Process: ‘Sphinx’


Ash Ra Tempel – Seven Up

16 May

Ash Ra Tempel - Seven Up DS483p front

To me this sounds like they played a stereo tape into a reverb unit then encoded the result….


Release: DS483p

Source: SQ CD

Process: ‘Phoenix’


The Firesign Theatre – Everything You Know Is Wrong

9 May

The Firesign Theatre - Everything You Know Is Wrong CB046 frontLink

Welcome Seekers…… everything you know is wrong! What can I say to entice you to give this a spin? How about real gas music from Jupiter. Or characters such as daredemon Reebus Cannibis, Gary the Seeker, “Happy” Harry Cox or Nino Savatte the Mindboggler. At last the hole truth! Interestingly the LP cover crops the flying saucer on the right while the Q8 label is uncropped. The saucer appears to be escaping its two dimensional domain. You may too. Beware repeated playing may cause unpredictable long term side effects. I would like to leave you with this closing thought. “You know a cave just really is a hole on its side Ray.” Enjoy CB.


Release: CB046

Source: Q8


Johnny Nash – My Merry-Go-Round

8 May

Johnny Nash - My Merry-Go-Round DS481p front


Release: DS481p

Source: SQ LP

Process: ‘Phoenix’


Theater Organ Rarity’s on E-Bay

7 May

If there’s any theater organ fanatics out there in the UK, there are three hard to get (at least over here) Doric quad albums up on E-Bay:

Jose Feliciano – Compartments

2 May

Jose Feliciano - Compartments CB045 frontLink

From 1973 ‘Compartments’ was Jose Feliciano’s 16th album. Available in three quadraphonic flavors Quad Reel, Quad 8-Track cartridge or Quadradisc CD-4 LP. This conversion is from a Q4 source. Interesting group of guest artist with Leon bringing a lot to enjoy on this album. ‘Me and Baby Jane’ works well for my ear. ‘Sea Cruise’ is fun. The title track is also very enjoyable. Hard to pick a favorite as there are several. If pressed for my top choice I would have to say the next to last track ‘I’m Leavin’’. Played that one over and over again. Hope you folks enjoy it as much as I did. CB


Release: CB045

Source: Q4


In Due Consideration…..

1 May

After taking note of some feedback regarding the recent changes it appears that their effects on the members of the blog are the opposite to that suggested by the recent polls.

With that in mind i have reversed the changes, which can be read in the updated ‘The Rules’.

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