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Beck, Bogert & Appice – Live

29 Aug

Beck, Bogert & Appice - Live DS414f front

I’ve finally decided to release this, but with reservations. I’m sure you all have a view on whether this is quad……

Album info

Release: DS414f

Source: SQ? CD

Process: SQ/II



Multiple IP Connections – Netherlands – Your Blocked!

22 Aug

Can the person in the Netherlands who is attempting to download titles using multiple IP adrress’s, that are now blocked, contact me.

The IP address’s used so far are:

and i suspect you’ve tried using an Italian address to?


The Italian address: Location: Italy

John Lennon – Walls And Bridges

20 Aug

John Lennon - Walls and Bridges CB029 front

Wonderful Wikipedia article on this… even has a Lennon quote mentioning mixing for the 20 people who buy quad. Sometime I am going to release something and say nothing.. But until then here is the intro: “Whatever gets you thru your life, it’s alright, it’s alright ” Enjoy CB

Album info

Release: CB029

Source: Q8


Rufus – Rags To Rufus

15 Aug

Rufus - Rags to Rufus DS410f front

Album info

Release: DS410f

Source: QS LP

Process: QS/IIa


Donation changes

14 Aug

Just a quick note, as an experiment i’ve altered the way donations are done. Please read the new page on the top menu. Any issues, please let me know.

Ralf Nowy – Lucifer’s Dream

13 Aug

Ralf Nowy - Lucifer’s Dream DS409f front

It’s always nice to stumble across a quad album that a) i’d not previously heard of, or b) is not listed as being a quad release. It’s even better when it’s an enjoyable listen. This album was released on a relatively small European label and can sell for silly money.

Artist info  Album info

Release: DS409f

Source: SQ CD

Process: SQ/II


A message and a grateful thanks or two

11 Aug

As you may have gathered i’m back, but not quite as i left.

Firstly, many thanks for Captain Beyond for filling in the weeks release slots with his releases, i hope you all enjoyed them, but i notice a slight lack of comments, so come on, he spent a lot of time on getting them ready.

There were a few things that really narked me during the weeks leading up to my time off, and i want to answer one of those things here and now. And it’s to do with the donations.

There appears to be a general feeling that i’m making a small fortune out of these donations. Well I’M NOT! if those individuals would care to try to run this blog exactly as it is now for a month AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE, let me know!!!

So, where i do start, firstly the reason i turned the blog this way should be well known by now, but for those who don’t know, it costs money to run the computers and other equipment used to do all that is necessary to created these releases. There are two computers that run 24 hours a day plus another that runs maybe 4 or 5 a day. They run on electricity, which is bloody expensive.

Plus there’s maintenance, i’ve had a spate of failures over the time, and there’s no way i can afford to repair/replace these items. Then there’s the record cleaning liquid, etc etc. All of this needs paying for. And, if there’s anything left over, it’s put into the ‘buying media’ pot. Although i have a reasonable quad collection, i most certainly don’t have everything, so when there’s enough in the kitty i go buying albums i don’t have, using the requests page as a rough guide, but also my own list of rare titles or ‘possible quad’ titles.

Oh, and PayPal turned the account into a business account and take their cut of every donation.

Staying on the theme of rare and possible quad titles i’d like to say a big thank you to Artis.F for the deep investigative work he has done on digging up some titles that fitted into the ‘possibly quad’ list. All of this happened in the weeks running up to my week off, and i decided to take the plunge and sourced most of the titles. Although one or two arrived just before i stopped, the rest were here upon my return, and after a few quick tests it looks as though we have some nice rare and previously unlisted quad albums from the start, and end, of the quadraphonic period.

Again, these had to be paid for!!!!!

Right, off my soap box


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