Dan Gibson & Ashtar Ron Allen – Mystic Sky

28 Apr

Dan Gibson & Ashtar Ron Allen - Mystic Sky DS377f front

I’m sure we’ve all seen those New-Age ‘relaxation’ CD’s that are meant to help you relax, etc. Well this is one that was Dolby Surround encoded. So turn off the lights, close your eyes, relax and let the ‘music’ envelope you………..

Release: DS377f

Source: Dolby Surround CD

Process: DS/IIa



4 Responses to “Dan Gibson & Ashtar Ron Allen – Mystic Sky”

  1. Owen Smith May 3, 2014 at 13:29 #

    Musically not that interesting though OK in small doses, and it would have been better without the shrill, annoying repetitive fake birdsong.

    What is great here are the improvements in the DS/IIa process, the rears are much better and the front back separation really improved. It’s great to hear an improvement to the process so soon after you first got it working.

    • oxforddickie May 3, 2014 at 13:38 #

      Thanks for that, as you know i spent some time in dealing with the issue that the rears are only mono, and i believe i’ve pushed the decoding of Dolby Surround to the limits.

      This will become obvious with the next release on Monday, which will include two tracks in Flac format from the album for testing through peoples Dolby Surround decoders (normal or Pro-Logic)and a note asking for peoples views etc.

    • gjwAudio May 6, 2014 at 05:14 #

      > annoying repetitive fake birdsong

      Well… actually Dan Gibson is a renowned nature recordist – he’s been hauling recording gear through fields, swamps & forests for years. Surely the birdsong is real.

      Wikipedia claims Solitudes albums have sold over 20,000,000 worldwide… not bad for a guy in a canoe 🙂

      Thank you OD for this wonderful wallpaper (what else would you expect from a “new age” environment record). I have a few other Solitudes records; they’ve really got a nice flow going on here.

      What was the nature of the rear channels you extracted ? I ask because with the mains shut down (rear channels only) I’m getting something larger than mono-down-the-middle sound. Mind you, this is listening to the dts layer, so artifacts may have crept in through all the encode/decode shenanigans.

      Whatever the case, I think this will get heavy rotation during the working hours of the day. A soothing cushion to help diffuse the slings and arrows.

      Thanks again for considering the lowly Dolby Surround material – it too can yield pleasurable listening.

      • oxforddickie May 6, 2014 at 06:40 #

        The rear channel is extracted exactly as the encode/decode equation dictates, but with ‘implied maths’ decoding as well. All a bit complex, but no artificial enhancements are used, it’s just decoding taken to the next level….

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