London Symphony Brass – American Brass!

7 Apr

American Brass! - London Symphony Brass DS368f front

Release: DS368f

Source: UHJ CD

Process: UHJ/II



2 Responses to “London Symphony Brass – American Brass!”

  1. crispin14 April 14, 2014 at 02:31 #

    More Ambisonics please. This release is great. There is a site called that I think is still active. For a while they were releasing DTS conversions of the amateur recordings made with the Calrec or other ambisonic microphones. An eye-opener was a recording just of hall ambience and applause. The ambisonic system being based on a point source mike (rather than 2 or more mikes spaced apart) creates a very coherent sound-field so applause reproduces as many clear discrete claps instead of the static-like sound usually heard.

    This is a great performance, full of humour and energy. The first and last tracks make use of some near and far effects, but most of the sound stage is front, but the band has depth and clarity like a good 3D film. The percussion in particular has a razor sharp clarity.

    If they are still available at, there are recordings of “all 8 positions” and “all 24 positions.” If you are setting up a surround system using the speaker distance setting on your receiver, these will tell you if you get it right.

    The 24 position recording includes up and down. These vectors don’t translate to 4-channel DTS, but they do seem slightly to suggest height. It’s a cool thing to try.

  2. Owen Smith April 13, 2014 at 13:34 #

    Very well played, and some excellent music. I like all the Copland in this best partly because I’ve played all of it with either a Brass Band (Fanfare for the Common Man) or Wind Orchestra (the rest of the Copland). The tuba player does great work in the Copland, I wish I were that good. West Side Story is also very good, there are some great tunes and rythms in it. God Save The Queen is just silly, they’d have been better off leaving the variations out. But one silly track in a album this long isn’t bad.

    The UHJ decode is working well for me, I have a real sense of the ensemble spread in front of me and the ambience of the recording space. Why I couldn’t hear it properly in the early UHJ releases is a mystery, if I have time I’ll listen to them again one day.

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