Lone Star – The BBC Quadraphonic Session

26 Feb

Lone Star - The BBC Quadraphonic Session DS354f front

Withdrawn due to pending new ‘Hydra’ decode

Three tracks produced by Tony Wilson for the ‘Alan Freeman Saturday Show’

Release: DS354f

Source: Matrix H CD

Process: H-77/II



3 Responses to “Lone Star – The BBC Quadraphonic Session”

  1. Owen Smith March 1, 2014 at 12:12 #

    Good 1970s rock stuff. Electric guitar and drums are strong points and the synths are pretty good, personally I feel the vocals are a bit weak both in terms of the singer and level in the mix.

    Excellent quad, great separation and ambience (track 3 reverb for example) and plenty going on all around the listener. This is more impressive to me than the Christmas Special release, perhaps because that lost something in going through FM and a domestic reel to reel tape recorder then 35 years of storage? This is off CD so none of those issues should apply, and indeed it sounds fresher and cleaner to me.

    By the way, is there any mileage in decoding the UK Matrix H David Bedford Instructions For Angels, or is the French SQ release always going to give better results? (which has already been released using SQ*Final). I have no idea as to the relative merits of SQ vs. H-77. Or maybe that album was in H-75?

    • oxforddickie March 1, 2014 at 13:38 #

      I have planned a special edition of ‘Instruction For Angels’ which will contain decodes of both versions. When i contacted David before his untimely death, he told me that while mixing the album they continually had to check it through a Matrix H decoder in the studio to ensure there were no no issues.

      I’m sure i’ve mentioned (somewhere) before that this was the first of a planned series of Matrix H albums by Virgin and Nimbus, but Virgin pulled out after the BBC scrapped Matrix H and moved to HJ, leaving Nimbus to go it alone for a couple of releases, but the lack of any major push on making decoders available finally killed of the project.

      All of the matrix systems have their foibles, and it was always necessary to check through a decoder the mix was going to work, plus of course checking it’s stereo compatibility. And here is where a possible problem in using a four channel mix done specifically for Matrix H through an SQ encoder.

      Those who know about the issues of the original 4-in/2-out SQ encoder compared to the later/superior ‘London Box’ will appreciate that the encode will not be optimum, so a comparison will be of great interest. And for those wondering “what if they used a London Box?”, the answer is that because they only had a four channel source, and not an 8 or 16 track one, it would work as a standard encoder, with the same issues on the sides and center rear as the early encoders.

  2. sacdtodvda February 27, 2014 at 06:49 #

    Fantastic – I really enjoyed the 4th track Bells of Berlin on the Christmas special, so i’m looking forward to the rest of the session.

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