Richard Rogers – Victory At Sea Vol.1

17 Dec

Victory At Sea - Rodgers - Bennett CB010 front

Victory At Sea Vol. 1 was the only volume of three that made it to quadraphonic release and only in the Q8 cartridge format. The score was a favorite of US President Richard Nixon, and part was played at his funeral. Enjoy.    CB

Release: CB010

Source: Q8



One Response to “Richard Rogers – Victory At Sea Vol.1”

  1. Owen Smith January 19, 2014 at 13:22 #

    The early tracks are good, basically orchestral marches or military music. Full active quad which is unusual for orchestral stuff, and a nice change. Musically it went downhill for me after the middle, I’m not into the lush “South Pacific” type music.

    Sound quality wise this is pretty good for Q8, no obvious wow or flutter and the high frequency restrictions aren’t too noticeable here. A bit of tape hiss but that’s always going to be the case with Q8, and the Captain seems to have edited it out between the tracks. Also there’s no mains hum here which is another bonus.

    Good work Captain, looking foreward to your first release of 2014.

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