Steve Hackett – Till We Have Faces

4 Nov

Steve Hackett - T'll We Have Faces  DS309f  sm

There are two different versions of this album. The original release, with nine tracks, was mixed ambisonically and released on LP & CD. Some years later, the album was re-issued with a new stereo (non-ambisonic) mix, with some notable differences, and with two additional tracks.

Release: DS309f

Source: UHJ CD (original version)

Process: UHJ/II



2 Responses to “Steve Hackett – Till We Have Faces”

  1. rael1066 September 14, 2014 at 22:45 #

    Even the most ardent Hackett fan (as I am) will admit this is one of his more challenging albums, but I always had a soft spot for (most of) it – there’s so many layers of sound going on and the Brazilian drums are immensely good. I never knew that this was “mixed ambisonically”, so leapt on this as soon as I (re)discovered this blog, and it sounds as good in surround as I hoped it would – everything sounds pin-sharp and although my set-up isn’t A1 perfect it’s a greatly improved listening experience over the standard CD release. Thx.

  2. Owen Smith November 24, 2013 at 13:19 #

    A mixed bag for me. I enjoyed some tracks (great percussion and guitars) but found others a bit uninteresting. A bit more going on with the surround than the G&S release and the front soundstage at least is working. I can’t comment on the entire surround effect as I have no room to get the rears in phase etc as previously discussed.

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