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Steely Dan – Live At The Record Plant 20/3/74

30 Apr

Steely Dan - Live At The Record Plant  DS238f front

Recorded at the Record Plant, and broadcast in QS live by KMET-Los Angeles on the 20th March  1974.

Corrected rear artwork

Release: DS238f

Source: QS

Process: QS/II



Live And Let Die – Original Soundtrack

17 Apr

Live And Let Die - OST DS250 sm

Live and Let Die is the last of the James Bond films i can watch over and again. In my view it’s easily the best of the Roger Moore films, and certainly one of the more interesting soundtracks, no doubt helped by Paul McCartney’s, now classic, title theme.

An interesting point regarding the Q8 tape is that all of the tracks on program 2 have their channels misaligned, so to hear them correctly you’d need to turn 90 degrees left as the fronts are actually Rear L & Front R! I’ve corrected this misalignment for this release so that it can be heard as it should.

Special thanks to ‘Lupine Assassin’ for the loan of his tape to ‘Captain Beyond’ who performed the rip and provided the Q8 scans.

Release: DS250

Source: Q8


Rich Mountain Tower – RMT

14 Apr

Rich Mountain Tower - Rich Mountain Tower DS244f front

The fourth, and final, EV-4 encoded album, was supplied by ‘Captain Beyond’ for use during the development of EV-4/II and has become a firm favourite

Release: DS244f

Source: EV-4 LP

Process: EV-4/II


Dick Schory – Movin’ On

13 Apr

Dick Schory - Movin' On DS247f sm

Many thanks to  ‘Romanotrax’ for supplying a rip of this album for testing during the development of the EV-4/II process.

Release: DS247f

Source: EV-4 LP

Process: EV-4/II


Ovation Quadraphonic Sampler

12 Apr

Ovation Quadraphonic Sampler DS246f front

Instead of doing what most labels would do, use the mixes from released albums, they remixed tracks in an attempt to overcome the limitations of the EV-4 decoder. This makes the tracks on this album very different from those on their respective albums, especially the ‘Rich Mountain Tower’ track.

More importantly, the tracks on this album should not be taken as representative as on those albums.

Artists include: Dick Schory, Hollins & Starr, Paul Horn, Joe Morello, Rich Mountain Tower, Don Tweedy, Ron Steele, Laura, Bobby Christian.

Release: DS246f

Source: EV-4 LP

Process: EV-4/II


Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters

3 Apr

Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters  DS240f  front

Release: DS240f

Source: SQ LP

Process: SQ/II


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