Beethoven – Five Piano Concertos

7 Jun

Alexis Weissenberg (Piano)
Herbert von Karajan & Berlin Philharmonic

Piano Concertos 1 – 5
Rondo a Capriccio in G major, Op.129 ‘Rage over a lost penny’
Bagatelle in A minor, Op.59 Fur Elise
Rondo in C major, Op.51 No.1
32 Variations on an original theme in C minor

Release: DS178f

Source: SQ CD

Process: SQ*Final

Format: 2 x DVD-A/V  MLP/DTS/DD


2 Responses to “Beethoven – Five Piano Concertos”

  1. PhilBiker February 23, 2013 at 01:10 #

    Listening right now – finally finished downloading the torrent. Sounds very nice. Thanks for posting!

  2. tarkus9 June 12, 2012 at 09:43 #

    Loving this. I have the stereo with Karajan, and as always the quad breaths new life into the recording. The Weather Report also is keeping me from getting my work done 🙂
    Thank you so much!

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